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About Us


Welcome to what is being called one of the most innovative ideas in both the wine and automotive industries. We are fueled by our passion for wine and our relentless pursuit to deliver the highest customer centric focused experience known to the wine world. We don’t claim to be the oracle of all wine knowledge, but we will be the benchmark by which the industry is measured. Our roots in customer service date back to 1935 when Frank Kent founded Frank Kent Motor Company and became known as the leader in customer experiences.

Cadillac Wines is lead by the visions of Corrie Watson and Will Churchill, Frank Kent’s great-grandchildren. The design of our facility is the result of ideas picked up from wineries/cellars in Las Vegas, Chicago, Napa, and South Africa. The wines we carry are also a result of those inspirations and the travels we continue to enjoy.

We have built our wine selection with three distinct bands in mind. The bands are based on price and guide our stocking principles. The three bands are under $25, $26-$50, and over $50. Every wine in our inventory is one we would serve to our family and friends. This can be challenging in the lower band, but that’s where we have the most fun. You will find many wines you recognize and some you do not. That’s where we come in to listen to your likes/dislikes and find wines that fit your palate. Anyone can sell wine, but few can correctly advise and guide you to new gems.
We will always offer a selection of wines that can be tasted while you are visiting. Have a car in for service? Stop in and join us for a glass of wine. Every glass of wine comes in a Cadillac Wines Riedel glass that you get to take home with any $50 purchase. Events? You bet we are going to have some special events. That’s one of the huge advantages about our affiliation with the Frank Kent family; it opens the doors to opportunities that would not exist otherwise. Delivery? Only the way Cadillac wines can do it. Your wine will be delivered in a new Cadillac ATS to your door. Trips? We will do our best to help make any of our clients trip to any of the wine regions special just make sure we have enough lead time.

The only fine print about our relationship with the Frank Kent family is that we will only sell each customer one glass of wine per visit. You can buy all the bottles you want, but for insurance reasons we are limited to 5 oz per customer per visit for immediate consumption. We look forward to seeing you in the store and on the web!!!


3500 West Loop 820 South, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Wine Manager: Karla Saxton                                                 Associate Wine Manager: Brianna McCann
Office number: (817)989-4435                                             Office number: (817)989-4433
E-mail: karla@cadillacwines.com                                           Email: briannam@cadillacwines.com